Building a house is rarely a hassle-free endeavor. The best time to work to minimize the complications of any project is at the start. An accurate plot plan is the cornerstone of good planning. A scaled plot plan, when building a home, is not only very helpful to you and your contractors, it is often required to get your permits.'s plot plans are drawn to scale and e-mailed directly to your computer via an Acrobat .PDF file. This file format allows you to view your CAD-prepared file on your computer and print your drawing to any printer with crystal clear results. Better yet, you can print as many as you would like! Utilize your plan to aid in getting building and septic permits; print copies for all of your subcontractors (excavators, landscapers, etc.). That way everyone involved is on the same page. Literally.

Using your lot information and the dimensions of your proposed home, will create two custom-made plot-plans. One plan will show the dimensions from the house to the property lines, while the other will show the distances from the house corners to the property corners. This second plan, that utilizes intersecting arcs, can be used for easy, accurate staking.

To use the plot-plan to stake your home, simply pull two measuring tapes (one from each of two property corners) until the tapes intersect at the prescribed distance (see the example drawings).

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